Oh, this feeling tortures.
I dare not say I'm still loving that man.
He doesn't remain the same.
Why bother? Find other.
The old flame is no longer ablaze after all.


who’s gonna go along?

no we are not jumping to land on mars,
we are riding our private orion among the stars,
even the sky hasn’t darkened yet it’s still velvet.

hail Jupiter for having immortalized Orpheus’ lyre in the heavens,
that the beauty of its sounds were such Godsend.
indeed, it was a Godsend

did you see the pretty goddamn unicorn playing around?
I was just seeing her sparkling magic horn.
yes, the one that once you thought was a cosmic thorn.

I love being here ..

how much time is left?

no way!
does it really run out?

I don’t want to wake up

let me keep starsailing and be outshone..


Hey dearest,

You know what?
In my whole life, I've never been hurt as much as thrice by the same person

We used to love each other
But then ended tragically for my fault
I proposed for a second try, but I was rejected
For months up to year I was drowned in an utter sorrow

You came approach and then you dump
Damn, you think and act like an alien
Vicious and heartless

What is actually swimming in your mind?
And now you hate me while IT'S ME who should bear the hatred

You came to me when you were wretched
I kept on giving you consolation, and hoping to be a solace
For moments I thought that things were getting better
No more hatred would be born since we started caring each other, what an opportunity

And then you left (again), this time without any notification
TELL ME if I did mistake! was it a hard thing to do for you?
You broke my heart, over and over again, severely
And I wonder what makes you easily and so often break it
Do you think that mine is that strong?

I know,
I didn't deserve to be your lover
And I didn't deserve to ask for an opportunity

But it's just hurting to know that I don't deserve your affection either even only as a friend
It looks as if I could only deserve your hatred, and that's all I could only derive for my devoted affection

Was it something evil lying within me? that you sensed and feared from afar?

If the uttermost love could be born, then why such hatred couldn't..


this girl is never stop being stupid..

that she has just realized if her love will always remain the same with a man whose heart has just gone for the second time,

that she has kept uselessly convincing herself a deceitful suggestion if her love to him has subsided

it always stays the same

but no pain arises this time
since the girl is completely powerless
that she can't do anything to fix the circumstance that has never been precise from the beginning of the sorrow
feelings that come and go

she guesses that sweet reminiscences can be the only consolation

I wish you a very delightful moment in your lifetime, girl
where you would be astonished as if you were experiencing Aurora Borealis and feel contentment

yes indeed, love is as hard as chasing rainbow
but as long as the rain still falls and the sun still shines, the rainbow will always be there for one, two, and more opportunities

a chance to pursue your personal happiness
and keep it linger along with your destiny
for the rest of your life..


up up to the sky

when the sun persist on a rainy day
butterflies let the grey astray
races against the dragonfly beyond the rainbow

up above the world so far

when the waltzing moon sheds its light
over the heavens of the universe
stars reveal the melodies of their winks
and butterflies plays with their wings

imagination of whatever wildly seeps through one's mind
how they thrill each other and bewitch people with their such affinity
ain't it a conspicuously awkward scene?

stars and butterflies
a pair of wonders that fascinates the night
and no pounding beat is needed to keep them dancing

::inspired by Dario Marianelli's masterpiece Stars and Butterflies::

Stars And Butterflies - Dario Marianelli


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